Saturday, 5 July 2014

Father's Day

Frequently here at Brennan School we seem to put more of an emphasis on Mother's Day than Father's Day.  This year that was not the case, for we created several different projects to celebrate the occasion...


If it Weren't For You / I Like, But I don't Like...

  In ELA class our grades 1 - 7 students wrote poems for their dad's using models from "For The Love of Language.  This book is a no-fail treasury of poetry writing scaffolds suitable for all ages.

Kindergarten DAD Photos

The idea for our kindergartens' project came from the blog of "That Artist Woman":
We had our Ks pose with cardboard letters to spell DAD.  We  hoped to print the photos in sepia, but weren't able to get a clear resolution, so we opted for colour.  Next, we mod-podged them to a stained (thanks Jared) piece of wood. 
(I can't quite figure our how to rotate this photo)
I had to try out the project, so I did one for my brother, so the pics you see are my niece and nephews.




Key Rings for Dad

On Pinterest I found something different for a card - key holders that explain why our students love their dads.
We collected paint samples from some of the local hardware stores.  For rings I found small wire shower curtain rings at Dollarama and tada... here's our project.





  Bird Houses

And last, but certainly not least, the gift we presented to each family on the colony whether there's a father in residence or not... bird houses.  Herby, our German teacher had a couple in his classroom.  He had purchased the kits at Dollarama. Robert, our grades 4 - 7 teacher measured it up and we asked our carpenter to bring us a soft lumber. Next, Robert and Kris, one of our high school students took it to the shop and in short order they were back with dozens of parts to assemble into birdhouses.  After gluing them together, we took them back to the shop for a few coats of varnish to make them more durable.  We look forward to hearing about all the feathered families that will be moving into them.


  1. Oops, you forgot to say who glued them together. (:

  2. Du bist ambitious!! Nice projects, and yes, the book is if only I brought it out more.