Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Notes, Cards, Pictures...

Is there anything more delightful than notes, cards or creative art work from students?  I'm sure each primary teacher receives oodles of them throughout their career.  High school teachers have my sympathy as they likely don't get gifts like this from their students.  Throughout the year I've received more than my fair share.  Some of it is in my portfolio, some tucked away in a drawer, some of it...


This year I've decided to devote the bulletin board above my desk to my students' contributions.  At the moment they cover about a square metre of my board.  Their messages, both in written (misspellings and all) and pictorial each give me a glimpse of the students artistic and written ability, their personalities, not to mention their thoughtfulness in spending time creating something for me. 

The latest master piece from my students was a joint effort from all of them: a 60 cm X 80 cm Christmas card, made by creating a collage using drafts and leftovers from previous art class as well as drawings made specifically for this project.  
They started working on this after we tidied up the school the day after our Christmas concert.  As I was busy with the last of clean up when I heard snippets of their conversation:
"Elma, you can't look, we're making a surprise for you!" 
 "I found this bit of tinsel form the angel garland, we can decorate the angels and the wise men with it."
"This tells the Christmas story, just like our concert did."

Has anyone ever received a more thoughtful Christmas card?!

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