Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Field Trip 2014

Our June field trip included a combination of history, fun, and citizenship activities.

The Forks

We enjoyed an hour of outdoor play at the history themed playground...

 Splash Dash River Tours

  ...and then embarked upon a historic river tour.

The Splash-Dash River Tour boats hold 11 passengers and the captain of each boat relates the history of the area as he takes his passengers on a tour along the Red River.  I was on the boat with our grades 3 - 5 students and was well pleased with how attentively they listened to the history lesson.


Children's Museum

After a picnic lunch on the Forks grounds, we spent about two hours experiencing neat activities in Th Children's Museum which was conveniently nearby.  Water, construction, climbing... What more could a group of active children ask for?

Siloam Mission

Our final destination before supper was an enlightening tour of Siloam Mission. None of  our students know what it's like to be hungry or homeless, therefore this part of our field trip was a huge eye-opener for them.  Our hope is that this tour will help us all take less for granted and adopt  more of an "attitude of gratitude."














Golden Arches

Finally, we had supper at McDonald's before heading home.

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