Thursday, 8 January 2015

Wool Felting at SAGE

For the SAGE conference in 2014, my friend Kathy suggested we attend a session on wool felting.  I had never heard of this concept before, so I wasn't quite sure about it at first.  Kathy suggested checking it out on Pinterest. Did I ever find a lot on this topic!!
We attended, we learned, we experimented, we enjoyed!
I won't go into a lot of detail on describing the techniques as they can be found on Pinterest.

Wet Felting

For the first half of the day we concentrated on wet felting.  Each of us created a piece of felt measuring about 9" x 12".  Our instructor showed us various projects that she had created.  I liked her stem of fall leaves and thus decided to create my piece in fall colours.  Finally, several months after the fact, I've finally created my own stem of fall leaves.
Some attendees had specific pictures in mind: hearts,... flowers,... you name it.


My Goose



 Needle Felting

In the afternoon, we learned how to needle felt.  Most of us worked on animal, while one lady made a flower.


Kathy's Bird.



Felting Supplies

Felting Needle Tool After shopping around for felting tools and materials I discovered that they can be purchased at Homewood Colony's Sewing Store. If interested in ordering from them, you can contact Mary at:

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