Friday, 3 April 2015

SmArts 2014-15 Part 2

In our second term, the focus of our SmArts classes was painting with water colours and acrylics. 

Intermediate Class

Northern Lights

The Northern Lights are always fascinating for all ages.  The 
dropped dynamic colors onto wet paper and let it soar down the page, blending and moving like real Northern Lights. The movement of color created their art.


The Butterflies were a lesson in mirrored imaging, beauty and selecting colors that work well.    It is a lesson of detail, balance and fosters awareness and appreciation of the value of insects. We used 6" x 8" mounted canvases from Dollarama for this project.  As soon as the paint was dried, the paintings were ready to display.

 Primary Class

Metallic Owls

Our Metallic Owls introduced the students to Folk Art.  The owl is created by applying a raised glue surface, and the lesson teaches the importance of detail and shape. Each student chose either copper, gold or bronze metallic paint and when applied, it gave their image the appearance of hammered metal.  Similar to the butterflies above, the owls were painted on mounted canvases from Dollarama for this project. 

Children in the Rain

The "Children in the Rain" were easily relatable and appealing for young students.   How fun to paint the umbrellas and raincoats.  The last addition to our painting was rain.  Each student determined which direction their rain was coming from and learned to apply it very consistently, maintaining believable rainfall.

Thanks to our art instructor, Carol Barbeau for providing the descriptions of these projects.

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  1. The butterflies and children in the rain pictures could be used to make Mother's Day cards. And the the owls for Father's Day.