Saturday, 5 September 2015

Symbols of Canada and Manitoba

Symbols of Canada 

My final social studies unit of the 2014-15 school year revolved largely around learning about Canadian and Provincial  (Manitoba) symbols.  Several times, as they learned about each symbol, I was able to present my students with a sticker, pin, bookmark or some sort of object to help them remember that particular symbol.
Almost every time they added loot to their Ziploc baggies, one of my students was sure to ask, "Can we take our bag home today?" We kept them until the last day of school and the excitedly clutched their bags as they embarked upon their summer vacation.  This Canada Day they could proudly wave their flag and wear a Canadian flag pin.

RCMP Guest Speaker

One of the guest speakers for this unit was an RCMP officer, Constable Moyer from our local RCMP detachment.  She arrived in plain clothes and I had totally not expected that.  It didn't take her long however, to convince us that she knew her job.  After spending about an hour presenting on her job and locking several students in handcuffs, she allowed our students to "check out" her truck and did they ever! I believe every bell, whistle and siren was experimented with.

Pins of Manitoba

 After emailing our MLA, Mr. Ian Wishart about our project, I received a beautiful package of pins - all of them symbols of Manitoba, for each student as well as a lovely bookmark depicting the Manitoba Legislative Buildings. Each pin was accompanied with a brief write-up on the symbol.  I created a close activity for each symbol which I made available both for the SMART board and the students' booklets.


Legislative Buildings 

I believe every student should have at least one tour of thee legislative buildings and I cannot think of a better time to do this than after they've studied about provincial symbols.  When we had our annual year-end field trip, it seemed that every symbol from the golden boy atop the dome to the bison bracketing the grand staircase to the limestone Union Jack symbols bordering the second story walkway, all of them spoke to my class of first and second graders perhaps even more than the older students.
Manitoba Legislative Buildings

I believe the combination of in-class lessons, mementos, guest speaker and field trip will make this social studies unit one that will not be forgotten soon!

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