Saturday, 30 July 2016

End of the School Year

We've all seen various versions of "survival kits", which include such things as "an elastic to remind you to keep flexible... a paper clip to keep it all together..."
This year I created not a survival kit, but a "Summertime Wishes Kit" for my students.
Below are the contents for my kits:

I typed the following onto card-stock and placed it inside zip lock bags with the contents.

Summertime Wishes
Here are a few items to help you have a great summer

Bouncy Ball: take lots of time to play games 

Bookmark: read some good books

Balloon: have fun, fun, fun!

Stickers: stick together with some good friends

Pencil & Tablet: write down a few wonderful summer memories 

Smarties: keep smart, sweet and especially safe!
              Love, Elma & Linda

My students were pleased with their little bag of goodies as they set out on their summer holidays.

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