Friday, 16 September 2016

Agriculture in the Classroom

Manitoba Cooperator

Over the years I've had several children's books and many blog posts published as well as editorials in our school newsletter, the Brennan Bulletin.  This week I can add another feather to my writer's hat.  I had my first article published in the Manitoba Cooperator, a weekly agriculture based newspaper.  I can now rub shoulders with other Hutterite writers such as Fairholme teacher, Dora Maendel, her sister, the late Selma Maendel and my sister, Linda Maendel, for all three of these ladies have had numerous articles published in the Cooperator. 

Agriculture in the Classroom

Click on the link below and scroll down to page 40 to read my article on Brennan School's experience with Agriculture in the Classroom.

Made in Manitoba Breakfast
Making Butter - "It's finger licking good!"

Checking Canola Seed for Ripeness

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