Monday, 7 May 2018


I started writing this post around Christmas time or shortly after, but for some reason it wasn't published, so here goes...

As usual, a month or so before Christmas, we bring out our boxes of Christmas library books.  It's always fun to watch the students find their favourites, then delve into others.  I typically also pick through and search for some of my personal favourites to read to my class.  This year it occurred to me that we have several versions of "The Twelve Days of Christmas" and that I could use them in my math class.  Yes! I decided to use those books to introduce ordinal counting.


After reading  the books and discussing that math concept, we did several activities including
1) counting the ordinals orally: first, second, third...
2) having the students line up and asking students them where they stand in the line -up.
3) sequencing ordinal cards from first to twelfth
4) play concentration and/or go fish with ordinal cards
5) following directions sheets pertaining to ordinals,..

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