Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Fall Foliage - Leaf Critters

Our yard all decked out it its finest fall foliage.  Believe it or, it actually is connected to a school project!

On a lovely warm afternoon last week we walked around the colony to search for lots of different leaves.  One of the first places we stopped was our yard as this is the best place on our Huf for red leaves. We pressed them in seldom used encyclopedias :)!  
Today in art art class, my primary class created these leaf critters. We added details with permanent markers and coloured chalk.  What critter can you see in each project?
Who-o-os there?

Floating by...

This is the purr-fect spot.

Penned in.
Looks fishy.

Hopping past the posies.

Wonder what my intermediate class will come up with??? I'll keep you posted.

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