Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Land of the Silver Birch

Another Social Studies Post

In SS students learn about their province and country and also symbols of the two.  After taking a UDL (Universal Design for learning) last summer, I realized that I could integrate more music into other subjects.  I found a few versions of Land of the Silver Birch on You Tube and planned a few lessons...

1. Listen and Watch

    First we watched the clip (see link below), enjoying both the lyrics and pictures.

At our second and third viewings, I asked the students to take note of the symbols, places and other Canadian aspects. 

      2. Read and Highlight

      Next, I provided each student with a copy of the lyrics which I had printed on 11 x 17 paper so there would be plenty of white space around the words. We read through the song and highlighted words that they had seen on the pictures of the you tube video.  

 3. Sing-along

Then,  I used another you tube clip where the lyrics are provided, and the singing is somewhat slower than the previous version, which made it easier for the students can sing along.  


4. Doodling

Finally my students added doodles around the perimeter of the lyrics based on what they had highlighted in session 2.

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