Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Where in the World are we?

As a culminating activity for my "My Environment" social studies unit, I used an idea from Pinterest.  This was an ideal way for them to show all the groups they are a part of. (see link)

 Where in the world  I made a minor adaptation: I changed town to colony on the fourth page.  The page in the book are as follows:
1. student
Individual pages from "Where in the World are we?"
2. my class standing in front of our school
3. child standing in front of his/her house
4. aerial view of our colony (Google maps is a wonderful resource to show all pages in this book form colony to planet Earth)  I'm not sure whom to credit, but someone did a fabulous job of pinning each colony... see link Colonies on Google Maps
I'm not sure who is more excited about this, my students or me?!
5. map of Manitoba
6. map of Canada
7. planet Earth  

 The first sentence of each page was generic e.g: I live in the province of Manitoba.  Each student then  composed a second or third sentence, adding another detail about 
Where in the World are we?
My friend Kathy My Spare Moments did something similar using this Pinterest idea:
Me on the Map 
Perhaps she will share exactly how she used and adapted it.

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