Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Christmas Supper

Several years ago, the teachers here at Brennan School started a new Christmas tradition.  During the last week of school before Christmas break, we gather with all our students in the Essenschuel (children's dining room) for supper.  Usually our Essenschuelankela, (children's dining room supervisor), Barb arranges with the cooks to have one of the children's favourite meals prepared that day.  Typically that means pizza.  Barb also prepares a delicious dessert for all of us.
My sister Linda and I usually arrange the seating. Or should I say rearrange?  We like to mix things up from the normal boys' table, girls' table standard.  For this supper each table has a mixture of boys and girls of all ages as well as a teacher or two.
This year, rather than making tame tags, I created name pictures, using an idea I found here on Pinterest, with a few variations, of course.  I had our girls wear angel halos and our boys, wise men crowns.  This made for a host of angels and royal guests at our supper table! 



Candy Cane Wishes

After our meal we usually have some kind of game, activity or presentation and end with "Candy Cane Wishes".  This particular tradition began several years ago when our school trustee, Mr. Murray McLenahan brought several boxes of candy canes to our annual Christmas concert.  rather than merely handing out the candy canes, we place them on a table in the centre of the room and students and teachers take turns coming to the table, taking one and presenting it to someone else with some kind of Christmas wish, compliment or thank you.  In the end everyone has received a candy cane coupled with a wonderful Christmas greeting, which in some cases is remembered for years to come.
One of my favourite ones came came from Josh, (a former Brennan School student) when he was around fifth grade.  That year he was determined to be a wise man at our annual nativity play.   I had planned for our students to present a play where the angels took centre stage.  However, I had to change those plans when I realized that Josh really had his heart set on being a wise man and found a play that had a wise man role that Josh could handle.  At our supper that year, I realized just how much that part meant to him.  He strode up to the candy cane table, plucked one out of the container and marched up to me. "I am giving my candy can to the teacher who let me be a wise man!" he announced seriously.  I still get choked up whenever I think about that heartfelt presentation!  

I took the pictures in this post with my Blackberry and when I viewed them on the computer, they appeared right side up.  Once I exported them into my blog, they turn side ways and I cannot change them! Can anyone help me with this issue please?

What Christmas tradition have you started with your students, family or friends?

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