Saturday, 25 February 2017

Cool Winter Art Projects

Water Colours & Epsom Salt

Although this has been a mild winter, we did have some chill-to-the-bone weather!  To coincide with the season, my students created several wintery art projects, including Water Colours with Salt.
We used liquid water colours, choosing what we hoped to be "cool" colours.  Also, we used Epsom salt, rather than table salt.  As it worked out, our purple and green turned out to be rather warm, perhaps not unlike some parts of our winter have been.  That being said, I have to say the affect was really striking.  After the paint was dried, we added snowflakes that I had found at Dallarama - some were made of blue and white fun foam others from clear, hard plastic.  The students chose some of each to arrange and glue to their projects.

Cut and Fold Snowflakes

Another winter project we created this winter is Cut and Fold Snowflakes.  Although the website I found it on is written in a foreign language,  the step-by-step picture tutorial makes it easy to follow the directions.  Since our walls are all white, we made ours out of pastel coloured copy paper.  I really like the "woven" affect these snowflakes have.  The students attached string to the snowflakes and hung them from the lights.

In January while one of my sisters was hospitalized, I took along some paper and scissors and we created some of these snowflakes to decorate her hospital room.  We displayed them on her window and the daylight contrasted with the pastel colours, giving them a brighter hue.  Her room overlooked the hospital entrance, so whenever we arrived or left, we could always tell which was her room.



Snowflake Snowman

My grades 1 & 2 class also went on a rampage cutting snowflakes.  Theirs were the more traditional ones.  After creating dozens of them, we fashioned them into a jolly snowman to greet us each time we enter our classroom.


  1. Thanks for sharing. It gave me some ideas.

  2. Really enjoying how the snowflakes look. . .want to try that with my Gr. 9s. but add a poem or just vocabulary to the foreground - so its part of ELA:)